Some feedback that has been sent to us…
Thank you to our awesome customers for your kind words!

“Hi Jacqui,

Noeline, Anna and I want to thank you and Mark for your hospitality yesterday and most importantly for providing the world class product you promised. As you are aware Noeline and I have been looking at rear drawer setups for our Prado for over 12 months. We chose you for a number of reasons, but top of the list was your responsiveness to my numerous emails which always answered our questions in a detailed manner. Of course the other reason we chose you was your product was designed specifically for our vehicle and came with many options.

Thank you for dropping us at the famous Fountain Gate shopping centre while the fitting was being done. we resisted the temptation to make Kath and Kim references.

Mark’s detailed explanation of the installation was excellent.

We cannot wait for our next camping adventure.

Kind regards

Lewis and Noeline”

Nov 2019
[Toyota 150 Prado – Double Stack 40 Ltr + 50 – Fitted & Installed by the Fourby Fitouts Team]

“Hey Jacqui,

Finally got around to fitting the drawers in my Landcruiser, was so easy & looks great.  Pic attached.

Was just over an hour with the kids helping so probably 30mins really.



October 2019
[Toyota 200 Series – Low Profile Seats In 40 Ltr – Shipped Interstate with DIY Installation Kit]

“Our Touring Unit was well designed and a necessity for the smooth running of our trip around Australia – 17,000 ks in total. We could access everything we needed with the drawers and the fridge slide. Your communication and subsequent service is also appreciated

Lena & Anton

Sept 2019

[Ford Everest – Touring Unit 40 Ltr – Fitted & Installed by the Fourby Team]

Thanks for a great product and fantastic service. We bought our storage system for Prado 150 in 2014 and have had plenty of adventures on corrugated roads and some 4WD escapades since. The Fourby system has been reliable and robust – never faltered. Great to know everything is secure in the drawer and the fridge is also secured and all behind the safety screen. Having the 20l water container handy to access in the back is also very very handy. Love the engineering and fabrication detail and the fact that removal was simple and there were no holes or alterations to the Prado and replacing the third row of seats was easy and looked like the Fourby system had never been there. Thanks for the easy to follow instructions. Keep up the good work. Happy to recommend Fourby Fitouts to anyone wanting a system to enhance their touring vehicle.”

Richard & Jane
Benalla, VIC

July 2019

[150 Prado GXL – Touring Unit 40 Ltr – Fitted & Installed by the Fourby team]

“The Fourby Fitout unit has been invaluable, enabling us to comfortably store much of our recovery equipment, table, spare tent, tools, chairs and car fridge.

Much tidier than the jumble we previously had. All mechanical and electrical equipment fitted by Fourby Fitouts worked exactly as it was designed to do.

At Camooweal at the moment on the way to the East Coast, then South back to Melbourne. Best wishes”


July 2019

[200 Series – Custom Touring Unit 50 Ltr – Fitted & Installed by the Fourby team]

“We have just fitted a Fourby Touring Unit to our Pajero and couldn’t be happier. After a recent trip we decided that we needed to do something about organizing the back compartment of the Paj. Whilst we managed, it was most often a bit of a mess. The Touring Unit has allowed us to fit everything we need into the back compartment, with no need to store on the roof rack any  more. Specially useful is the soft item storage rack, which comfortably takes a big blanket, pillows, towels and washing kit out of the nuisance ‘loose items’ zone and tucks them away in the roof contour. Having water on tap and the fridge readily accessible make for great convenience, and setting up our campsite or preparing refreshments on the way is now quick and easy.

The fitting of the Unit was organized well ahead and the staff at Fourby were very helpful in answering questions and keeping us in touch with the details of our fitment. All in all I am more than happy to highly recommend both the company and the Touring Unit as a product to any thinking of hitting the highways and byways!

Mark & Wendy
South Australia

November 2018

[Mitsubishi Pajero NW – Touring Unit 40 – Fitted & Installed by the Fourby Fitouts team]

“Hi Mark,  yesterday we had a Touring fitout in our Land Cruiser and wish to let you know that we are very happy with our purchase. But more than that we were very appreciative of the attention and care we received from Jacqui who could not do enough for us, she is a great acquisition to your business. Also your men who fitted it were great and had no problem with us watching and asking questions !!!

We will be recommending you to whoever wants a fitout

Kind regards
Jan & Brent
Ocean Grove, VIC
May 2017

[Toyota 200 Series – Touring Unit 40 – Fitted and Installed by the Fourby Fitouts Team]

“Hi Jacqui,

What an exciting day we had on Saturday installing our rear storage unit……
It was 38 degrees and we were sweating but oh it was soooooo worth it…… Stephen is not one for reading instructions as they say they are for people with no imagination – he soon learnt to read the ones supplied !!!!

Stephen and I were both VERY impressed with the quality of the unit, the way it was packaged up and the fact that there was nothing missing – everything clearly labelled made things a lot easier…..

Many thanks to all concerned for our Touring Unit. Being from Adelaide we were a little dubious about ordering something like this from interstate, but we are so very pleased that we did.
From the initial phone call for a price, right through to the after sales service you guys are second to none.

Your product is of the very highest quality and was packaged up to ensure no damage. Everything inside was clearly labelled and the instructions that were sent with the unit were extremely easy to follow.
The saying is “You get what you pay for” and although we initially thought that your prices were a little expensive, we certainly don’t regret spending the money.

We would not hesitate to HIGHLY recommend your product or company for that matter.”

Stephen & Jennie
Gawler, SA

[Nissan Patrol GU – Touring Unit 40 – Shipped Interstate with DIY Installation Kit to Adelaide]

Hi guys,

Just to set the scenes, we’ve just returned after a little over 3 months on the road, during which we covered approx. 16000 kms, half of which was on dirt. The main objective was to travel from Cape Byron (the most easterly point of Australia) to Steep Point (the most westerly point of Australia) by using an almost straight line through the centre of Australia. Our trip included some famous/infamous roads including the Strezeleki Track, the Birdsville Track, The Oodnadatta Track and the Great Central Road to name a few. During the trip we covered many kilometres of heavily corrugated and sandy/dusty roads and four wheel drive tracks.

To say this was a great test of the car, caravan and everything in them is an understatement. I’m pleased to say that our vehicles and all our equipment, including the Low Profile drawer and fridge slide, passed the test with flying colours.

The drawer kit was ideal for holding many tools, our compressor, a variety of spares, and other bits and pieces. The Low profile fridge slide proved to be ideal since we could open the fridge fully, while it was still in the car. When the fridge was out on the slide it was easy to load, unload and rearrange without climbing up on the tailgate.

We’re very happy with the kit. When we selected it, it was the right fit for our new Disco and the price was competitive. When we agreed to it, the installation process was on the agreed date and on time. The kit itself is robust, easy to use, the right size for us and, perhaps most importantly for us, the right height. After our extended punishing test, there’s no damage, there’s no rattles or squeaks and everything still works perfectly. 

We are happy to recommend our Fourby Fitouts low profile kit to others.

Best regards
Jenny & Carl
Mornington, VIC
September 2017

[Land Rover Discovery 4 – Low Profile – Fitted and Installed by the Fourby Fitouts Team]

Hello Jacqui,
The adventurer storage system that you guys fitted in my D-Max ute is great, all that I imagined and more. Right from first contact with yourself and Mark it was first class service would recommend your fit outs to anyone.

Many thanks again, Glenn.
Warrnambool, VIC
May 2017

[Isuzu D-Max Dual Cab – Adventurer 40 – Fitted and Installed by the Fourby Fitouts Team]

“Hi Jacqui.

I am very impressed with the quality and fitting precision of the touring unit. It was installed with care and the design is awesome! I can fit so much into the back now without having to stack things on top of each other.

The soft luggage rack up under the roof is very convenient for storing odds and ends that you need in the vehicle when on the road. The shelf is extremely handy and the vertical divider between this shelf in the lower section is such a good idea as it stops items  from falling or moving everywhere. Having the lower compartment under the floor with entry through the floor hatch is so convenient to store tools, caravan spares, and towing equipment. It is an added bonus which allows storage out of sight & out of the way for things that are not needed often.
It is also great to have the water bottle positioned in the back. It is good to have water on hand and it’s very user friendly .

Overall the Touring Unit has enhanced our capacity to travel more easily. It has exceeded our expectations and has made us glad we didn’t settle for drawers.

Kind regards.”

Geoff, VIC
June 2017

[Mitsubishi Pajero – Touring Unit No Drawer or Fridge Slide – Fitted and Installed by the Fourby Fitouts Team]

“Hi Mark,

Well we received our drawer system and I have installed it without any difficulty.
We are very pleased with this system and will surely be recommending this system to our current and new friends on our travels.
Can hardly wait to pack it up and head off.”

Mike and Carol
Bargara, QLD

[Toyota 120 Prado – Low Profile – Shipped Interstate with DIY Installation Kit to QLD]


The touring drawer system has been great. The Landcruiser is packed to the rafters and the shelves and drawers have made the back accessible. The things I like most are the simplicity and the top net. A lot of systems have too many drawers making them too heavy. I particularly like that I can take most of it out when we are not away. The cargo net [soft luggage rack] works really well with our rooftop tent. It’s quick and easy to store pillows and bedding when we pack up. 

The other point that deserves note is the installation. I made a nuisance of myself and hung around during the installation. Most 4×4 installers are not very good in my opinion but these guys were incredibly meticulous.

Kind regards
Sam, Foxground NSW

[Toyota 200 Series – Touring Unit – Fitted and Installed by the Fourby Fitouts Team]

“Hi to all at Fourby Fitouts:-

You may recall that late last year you fitted a drawer unit to our 200 Series Landcruiser.
We have just had a chance to use the unit by taking the car to the Dry Lakes Racing at Lake Gairdner, South Australia.
Can I pass on to you how impressed we were with everything and the ease of storage in the unit.

I kept on saying that the drawer unit was the best thing that we have ever done to make our trips to the outback easy. The fridge and slide seemed to work better than our older system and the drawer itself was absolutely the best!

We were able to store things more systematically; things were easy to reach and get at; we could have taken more things, but we didn’t; the small compartments on either side of the unit were great spaces to tuck bits and pieces – generally we were very impressed with everything you had fitted.

Thanks again and this email is just to let you know that you made our first outback trip for a while, very enjoyable.

We will certainly be letter everyone know how great the system is…..thank you.” 

Heather and Dallas Petrie
Cobden, VIC

[Toyota 200 Series – Low Profile – Fitted and Installed by the Fourby Fitouts Team]

“Dear Mark

Just a short note to say how pleased we are with the Fourby Fitouts touring fitout for our Toyota Prado Series 120.  After having it fitted in your Melbourne Workshop we had a good trip home via Adelaide and outback New South Wales.  Several hundred kilometres of driving on unsealed roads and tracks tested it well.

I take away three excellent experiences from our purchase and installation of the unit:

– Your courtesy and attention to my requests
– The timely and efficient installation arrangements
– The quality of the product and its value for money

Please accept my thanks and congratulations for being focused on the needs of your customers and delivering a quality service and product.

You are welcome to use these unsolicited comments to show other potential customers

Kind regards
Jon Womersley”

[ Toyota 120 Prado – Touring Unit – Fitted and Installed by the Fourby Fitouts Team]

“Hi Mark,

Floor arrived a couple of weeks ago.  Perfect fit, easy install, job well done.


Mark, QLD

[Mitsubishi Pajero NS – False Floor and 40 Ltr Fridge Slide – Shipped Interstate with DIY Installation Kit]

“Good Evening Mark

As discussed yesterday I finished fitting my new touring package to my Prado 120, thanks for the prompt phone call and steering me in the right direction on the missing hole.
I spent a great of time and research before purchasing your product and initially discussed the system to suit the larger fridge but elected to go with the touring package.

After picking up the package from Northside Opposite Lock and Aaron and Paul were most helpful here as well, I spent a few hours familiarising myself with the instructions and putting things in order. I ten started the project, thanks to the instructions and easy manner in which the product fitted together to say I was impressed is an understatement.

The whole package went into the vehicle in approximately three hours with me taking my time and having the odd coffee in between. I decided to fit this myself because I wanted to know how it fitted together and how it went into and therefore came out if I needed to remove various components. I do have an engineering background and have fitted most if not all my accessories to various four wheel drives over the years but the touring package would have to rate as the easiest accessory to fit yet.

More than happy for you to refer to my email as a testimonial and happy to serve as a contact should anyone want to have a look at my Prado, I will be taking the vehicle to Northside Opposite Lock next week for suspension upgrade and will let Aaron know as well.

Again Mark thanks for a great product, prompt phone assistance.”

Kind Regards
David Wright

[Toyota 120 Prado – Touring Unit – Shipped Interstate with DIY Installation Kit to QLD]

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