Fourby Fitouts – Our Story

Almost 20 years ago, the wife and I decided to take the kids on a trip around Australia. The idea was to take them to all the places in around our great country and to give them the experience that we knew and loved. But I’ll tell you what; it was about six days into the trip when it almost started to be a pain. The thing was that every time we stopped we’d have to go into the back and find things such as; the stove, plates, your personals, your clothes, the tent, and of course the fridge. 

I said to the wife – this is starting to become more of a chore than a holiday. She looked at me and said you need to make a decision, if this trip is becoming a chore, then perhaps it should end. I suppose I was winging a bit and as I looked at the kids, I thought, we’re not going home now.

It wasn’t just the idea of getting things out of the car and putting them back in again, but just trying to find things. Of course the trip continued, and it was brilliant! But it did get me thinking. What if I could make it easier next time and have it so everything is in its place?

Back at home, I became obsessed with the idea of planning the next trip without the worry of finding things. So I created Fourby Fitouts in 2004, a company that specialises in sorting this issue out. Fourby Fitouts has been going strong for over 14 years now and in this time I have spoken to so many people who all had that same problem. Where do you store things, and how do you fix the fridge so that it doesn’t roll all over the back, making a worse mess than when you started.

Over the years of discussions and exchanging of ideas you could say that I have become somewhat of an expert in getting things in and out of the car. So I have decided to share that knowledge so that you too can enjoy the thing that we love the most and that’s getting out there.

So feel free to chat to us about how we can help you focus more on what you see and do on your trip, and less on what happening inside the back of the car. After all – it is the great outdoors that we want to enjoy. Even just sharing your experiences with us of where you have been and what you have done – we’d love to hear your stories.

Alright I’ll tell you a secret about that fateful trip. My wife only put the “go home or stay” conundrum to me because she knew what my answer would be. I was always going to continue the adventure because that is what it is all about – getting out there, sorting out the issues and enjoying what you do.

Here are some of my favourite photos from our trip. They certainly take me on a trip down memory lane.

– Mark

Mark Russell
Owner – Fourby Fitouts

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