New Product release – Discovery 5!

We are excited to officially announce

The release of our Modular & Removable, Low Profile Storage System for the Land Rover Discovery 5!

TWO hatches to retain access to the under-floor storage, and the spare wheel wind-down

To put things simply – we removed the third row of seats. This opened up a huge amount of storage space!

We designed a comprehensive steel framework to bring everything back  up to floor level. This has been designed to bolt into the pre-existing bolt holes in the Disco (no drilling required). There’s so much space underneath the floor frame, you could fit a dual battery system, and heaps more!

Our carpeted False Floor then bolts down on top of the steel framework, along with the rest of our gear, making the system readily removable when needed.

At this stage, the Discovery 5 Low Profile is only available in a 40 Ltr Fridge Slide configuration, but we have enough space to fit a 50 Ltr Fridge Slide if required (This is a work in progress).TT

The next stage is to design a full Touring Unit for the Disco 5! We do have plans for this, but currently don’t have an ETA on when this will be ready. We will keep you all updated!

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