Mid Units - Rear Seat Storage for Crew / Dual Cabs

NEW to our Dual Cab range!

The Mid Unit is a unique 4X4 Storage Solution that utilizes the available storage space where your back seats are normally located.

The Mid Unit greatly increases the usable storage space within your vehicle and has the added advantage of being lighter than the seats being removed, giving you more weight carrying capacity and better weight distribution.

Mid Units are easily removable, allowing the rear seats to be refitted as needed.

If you have storage compartments or your jack located underneath the back seats, we can design a hatch door in the floor of our Mid Unit to retain access to these areas.

All Dual Cab Mid Units are completely custom, so we require the vehicle in our Hallam Victoria factory for approx. 2 – 5 days, depending on what you would like to do.

Below are our variety of options:

  • Full Mid Unit: which replaces the full width of the back seat area
  • Full Mid Unit with a Cargo Barrier fitted behind your front seats, for added safety when packing & stacking
  • Full Mid Unit with a Custom Shelf for the ultimate use of the storage space!

The custom shelf doesn’t have to span across the entire width of the vehicle – you can just have a 1/2 shelf if you like, giving you the ability to mount a fridge to the floor of the Mid Unit on one side if needed. Custom tie-down points can also be installed if required

We do our very best to use all pre-existing mounting points where possible, so your vehicle remains as standard without damage

Interstate shipping/DIY Installation is not an option at this stage

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Dual Cab – Mid Unit Gallery

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