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Toyota Prado 150 Series GXL - 7 Seater Seats IN and Seats OUT options

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The Base Unit OverSeat is a unique storage system for the 150 Prado that is designed to be fitted on top of your third row of seats without having to remove them. This System is Modular and Removable, giving you the ability to remove the System in its entirety, with the third row of seats underneath ready to be used in under 30 minutes.
The Base Unit OverSeat also offers smart features such as; quality rated Autosafe cargo barrier for passenger safety, 780mm lockable roller drawer with all steel construction and 20 roller bearings per drawer; a heavy duty fridge slide, and a half shelf over the Fridge for extra use of storage space. The Base Unit OverSeat also features a side board that eliminates articles from falling behind fridge slide when in the open position, and houses the Drawer Table – which is a nylon, food grade cutting board that sits on top of the Drawer when it’s in the open position.
As with all of our Systems, we use existing bolt points on top of your third row of seats, so there is no drilling required and your vehicle stays as standard, without damage. Our 150 Prado OverSeat options are very easy and simple to uninstall and re-install as needed.
Our Systems also come with a 3 Year Warranty, and have the option to be shipped interstate using our DIY Installation option, or it can be Fitted and Installed by the Fourby Fitout’s team in our factory here in Hallam, Victoria.

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