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Toyota ALL Landcruiser 76 Series 5 Seater

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This System is designed to give maximum drawer capacity by having 2 large lockable roller drawers placed on top of each other. The Double Stack puts your fridge on a heavy duty slide, at a user friendly height, and has enough storage area on top of the drawers and shelf above for larger items and food boxes, with lots of smaller hidey holes in the drawer side bins and side pocket. The Drawers are big enough to take your compressor kit, and lots more – with the soft luggage rack being a great way to swallow up the sleeping gear, jackets, etc in the roof cavity.

As with all of our Systems, the Double Stack is Modular and Removable, and we use existing bolt points in the floor of your vehicle where possible to secure the System and avoid any drilling to your vehicle. However, the 76 Series DOES require drilling as there are not enough existing bolt points that we are able to use, so we need to create them. Contact us for further details.
This System can be Fitted and Installed by the Fourby Fitouts’ team in our factory here in Hallam, Victoria, and it will come with a 3 Year Warranty. We can pack and ship this system with a DIY Installation kit but you will need the capabilities of drilling and installing riv-nuts. Again feel free to contact us about this

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