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Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series 7 Seater GXL VX Sahara

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The Low Profile Overseat is a unique storage system that is designed to be fitted on top of your third row of seats without having to remove them!

This system is completely removable, giving you the ability to remove it in its entirety, with the third row of seats underneath ready to be used in around 10 minutes!

The Low Profile has become a long-term favourite amongst 4×4 off-roaders, caravanners and travellers alike. It offers a great light-weight storage solution for anyone looking for a super simple, versatile setup covering both 4WD touring needs and everyday use around town.

It puts your Fridge on a heavy duty slide, at a user-friendly height, with enough storage area on top of the Drawer for larger bulkier items and a Side Board to prevent items falling behind the Fridge when in the open position. The Drawer is lockable, features flush mount latches and 20 roller bearings per Drawer, and is big enough to take your compressor kit, and lots more! The Side Pocket and the Side Bin allow access to storage between the wheel arches, and are handy to store away recovery gear and other items in an organized manner.

We use pre-existing vehicle bolt holes throughout, so there is no drilling required and your vehicle stays as standard.

This System comes with a 3 Year Warranty, and the option to be shipped interstate with a DIY Installation kit, or it can be Fitted and Installed by our team in Hallam Victoria.

(Internal dimensions of our Drawer: 940mm L x 410mm W x 235mm H)

Note: this is the only system we offer for the LC 300 as an Overseat. No Cargo Barrier can be added as there isn’t enough support/strength underneath with the seats still in place.

The Low Profile is also available as a ‘Seats Out’ system, which gives you a lot more options!

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