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Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series 5 Seater GX ZX Sahara GR Sport

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The Mid Unit is a clever Storage Solution that utilizes the available storage space where your second row of seats are located. This Storage Solution gives a huge increase in usable space within the vehicle and has the added advantage of being lighter than the seats being removed, giving you more weight carrying capacity and better weight distribution. Mid Units are removable, allowing rear seats to be refitted as needed.

We haven’t developed a Mid Unit for the LC 300 yet, but we’re hoping to get the designs done soon! It will be similar in design to the LC 200 (see video & photos).
Please contact us if you’re interested in being our prototype!

The Mid Unit comes in a variety of different options, such as:

– “1/3 Mid Unit” which covers 1/3 of the second row of seats, leaving the remaining 2/3 of the second row of seats in the vehicle for other passengers
– “2/3 Mid Unit” which is vice versa to the above
– Full Width Mid Unit which covers the full width of the back seats (all of the back seats will need to be removed)
– Full Width Mid Unit with a Cargo Barrier behind the front seats
– Full Width Mid Unit with a Cargo Barrier and custom shelving, for the ultimate use of storage space!

These shelves do not have to span across the entire width of the vehicle – you can just have a 1/2 shelf if you wish, giving you the ability to mount a second Fridge to the floor of the Mid Unit on one side if needed, or jerry can holders for water/fuel.

The Mid Unit is Modular and Removable, does not require any drilling of the vehicle, and comes with a 3 Year Warranty.

NOTE: Dongles will need to be purchased to remove the 2nd row seats to bypass the airbag error code on most models. Contact us for more info.

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