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Mitsubishi Pajero NS - NX With Rear Speaker

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Introducing our premier Touring Unit, the preferred choice for Mitsubishi Pajero storage solutions. Specifically designed for seamless organisation, this unit enhances accessibility without the hassle of constant unpacking or handling during your adventures.

Ideal for extended journeys with a camper or caravan or navigating rugged terrains like deserts and high country, the Touring Unit excels as a reliable vehicle companion. Elevating convenience, it positions your fridge on a robust slide at an ergonomic height. The top features expansive storage space, complemented by a drawer with side bins for smaller essentials. Accommodating larger items and food boxes, this unit ensures you have everything at your fingertips.

Versatility is key with the Touring Unit, catering to diverse needs. The drawer is capacious enough for a compressor kit and more, while the soft luggage rack efficiently stores sleeping gear and jackets in the roof cavity. The unit’s full shelf, divided into two halves, offers exceptional flexibility, enabling you to customise space as per your requirements.

For Mitsubishi Pajero owners, our exclusive Floor Hatch beneath the Fridge Slide provides access to under-floor storage when the slide is open (see Image #2 in the slideshow below).

What sets this system apart is its swift transformation into Station Wagon Mode within 10-15 minutes. Easily remove the fridge slide, shelves and drawer when not needed, transforming your vehicle into a practical and versatile space (also known as the Soft Luggage Rack kit).

Emphasising adaptability, our Touring Unit is Modular and Removable, backed by a robust 3-Year Warranty. Importantly, no drilling is required for installation, allowing you to revert your vehicle to its original state without damage.

Whether opting for DIY Installation with interstate shipping or relying on our Fourby Fitouts’ team in Hallam, Victoria, for professional fitting, our Touring Unit offers unparalleled Mitsubishi Pajero storage solutions. Please note that this model does not feature a Side Pocket due to the rear speaker, as indicated in the provided information.

Elevate Your Journey with our Premium Mitsubishi Pajero Storage Solutions

Embark on a new era of exploration with our cutting-edge storage solution. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern adventurers, our premium Mitsubishi Pajero storage solutions are the ultimate choice for those who prioritise a seamless and organised travel experience.

Imagine a journey where every moment is about the thrill of the unknown, not the hassle of locating essentials. The Touring Unit liberates you from the constraints of traditional packing, offering a dynamic and adaptable system designed for the spirited traveller. Opting for this product means choosing freedom and flexibility – the ability to effortlessly transition from daily commutes to spontaneous off-road escapades.

Say goodbye to the stress of clutter and welcome the ease of exploration, where your Mitsubishi Pajero becomes a symbol of limitless possibilities.

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