Soft Luggage Rack kit (Station Wagon Mode)

The Soft Luggage Rack Kit Is Available With The Following Options -

Soft Luggage Rack kit:

Frame & False FloorYes
Cargo BarrierYes
Soft Luggage RackYes
Fitting and Installation by Fourby FitoutsYes
Interstate shipping/DIY InstallationYes

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This kit will allow your vehicle to function in a Station Wagon Mode when you're not traveling, and is the parameter for most of our other storage solutions.

The patented Soft Luggage Rack allows you to utilize normally unused storage space in the roof cavity to store your softer items - e.g. sleeping bags, blankets, jackets etc in a dry place away from other items. Its intelligent design allows you to simply pull down the gate via a rope lever, put in or take out your items as needed, and then push the gate back up where it clicks and locks into place.

This kit also comes with a quality rated custom made Autosafe Cargo Barrier and a False Floor, which is the foundation of the System and allows you to bolt items/tie-downs on top of it.

There is a small amount of room underneath the False Floor where the foot-well is for the third row of seats too! Not a lot of room, but may be enough to install a slimline/low profile size Dual Battery system, or to store other longer items. See images below for rough measurements!

As with all of our Systems - the Soft Luggage Rack kit is 100% Aussie Made, Modular, Removable, and comes with a 3 Year Warranty. NOTE: Drilling of the vehicle is required to install the Cargo Barrier. Contact us for more details.

Interstate Shipping with a DIY Installation Kit is now available, or we can fit it for you in our Hallam Victoria factory. :-)

Download the Flyer

For more information, download the Soft Luggage Rack flyer

Other Configurations Available

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