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Isuzu Crew/Dual Cab D-Max No Tub Liner

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The Explorer is designed to multi-layer and divide the rear to allow item to be accessed without having to unpack or double handle items. This System ticks all the boxes, whether it be for long extended trips with a camper/caravan in tow or hitting the Deserts and the High country, vehicle dependent.

The Explorer puts your fridge on a heavy duty slide, at a user friendly height, and has a large amount of flat storage area on top of the Drawer and Storage Boxes for tents, food boxes etc. There are two large Storage Boxes side-by-side that run the full width of your vehicle, utilize the storage space behind your Fridge, and is also a great spot to locate your Dual Battery. With lots of smaller hidey holes to play with in the Drawer Side Bins and the Side Pocket (if installed), your items will be packed away neatly and securely.
The Side Pocket is optional; you can leave this component out and utilize that available floor space for other items such as Jerry Cans for example, if that suits your needs better.

The Drawer features an all steel construction with 20 roller bearings per drawer, and is big enough to take your compressor kit and lots more. The Side Board that is bolted to the side of the Drawer prevents any items on top of the Drawer falling behind the Fridge when in the open position, and it also houses the Drawer Table as pictured, or a Picnic Table.

Our patented and renowned Soft Luggage Rack kit is also a great optional add-on to this System, as it is a great way to swallow up the sleeping gear, jackets, etc in the roof cavity. (Depending on your Canopy – the Soft Luggage Rack kit may not be able to be installed)

With the added advantage, this System is Modular and Removable – so you can remove the Fridge slide, Drawer and Side Bins in about 10-15 minutes, taking you back to a flat surface floor if needed. The remaining components of the System can also be removed as well.
As every Crew/Dual Cab is different with varying canopies, this System can only be Fitted and Installed by the Fourby Fitouts team in our factory here in Hallam, Victoria. Interstate shipping and DIY Installation is unfortunately not an option for these any Crew/Dual Cab Systems at this time.

Note: Images may not be vehicle specific. They show a 40 Ltr configuration

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