Touring Unit

The Touring Unit Is Available In The Following Fridge Slide Sizes -

40 Ltr Fridge Slide

Frame & False FloorYes
Cargo BarrierYes
Soft Luggage RackYes
Single Drawer - 780mm L x 510mm W x 300mm H (Externally)Yes
Side WingYes
40 Ltr H/D Fridge Slide - Internal Tray = 720mm L x 385mm WYes
Extra Storage CompartmentYes
Full Shelf in 2 HalvesYes
Drawer TableYes
Drawer dividerOptional (but recommended)
Fridge tie-down strapsOptional (but recommended)
Fitting and Installation by Fourby FitoutsYes
Interstate shipping/DIY InstallationNo

50 Ltr Fridge Slide

N/A for this vehicle due to width restrictions

60 Ltr Fridge Slide

N/A for this vehicle due to width restrictions

See Below For More Information


UPDATE: 22/5/2018
We have now released a Full Shelf in 2 Halves to complete our Colorado 7/Trailblazer Touring Unit! :-)
Please disregard any previous information or flyers that state we cannot do a Shelf for this Unit. We have worked our way around the airbag deployment restrictions by designing special support arms for the shelf that do not protrude into the airbag deployment area. Please contact us for further information

The Touring Unit, being our most popular, is designed to multi-layer and divide the rear to allow item to be accessed without having to unpack or double handle items.
This Unit ticks all the boxes, whether it be for long extended trips with a camper/caravan in tow or hitting the Deserts and the High country, vehicle dependent.

It puts your Fridge on a heavy duty slide, at a user friendly height, and has enough storage area on top of the Drawer and Shelf above for larger items and food boxes, with lots of smaller hidey holes in the Drawer Side Wings and Storage Compartment at the rear of the Drawer. There's also a small amount of storage available underneath the Floor (where the footwell is for the third row of seats), which can be accessed by pulling the drivers side back seat forward! (Refer to images in slideshow below)

The 780mm long Drawer is big enough to take your compressor kit, and lots more - with the Soft Luggage Rack being a great way to swallow up the sleeping gear, jackets, etc in the roof cavity.
With the added advantage you can remove the Fridge Slide and the Drawer/Side Wing in about 10 minutes, taking you to what we call “Station Wagon Mode” when they are not needed (also known as Soft Luggage Rack kit)

As with all of our Systems - The Trailblazer Touring Unit is 100% Aussie Made, Modular, Removable, and comes with a 3 Year Warranty!
This means, you can remove the System in part or in its entirety if needed – returning the vehicle back to its everyday state in between trips and travels.

The Holden Colorado 7/Trailblazer Touring Unit can be Fitted and Installed by the Fourby Fitouts team in our factory here in Hallam, Victoria.
Interstate Shipping/DIY Installation Kit is not available at this time. Your third row of seats will need to be removed to install our Unit. Unfortunately - drilling of the vehicle is necessary to install this Unit.

Download the Flyer

For more information, download the Holden Colorado 7 / Trailblazer Touring Unit flyer

Other Configurations Available

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