Colorado Dual Cab – Custom Build “Half Unit”

It’s been another busy week here at Fourby Fitouts!

Along with our usual standard jobs, we also did a custom build for a Holden Colorado Dual Cab. It was based off one of our standard options called a “Half Unit”, where we build a system only on the drivers side of the vehicle, keeping the passenger side open for free storage space for your imagination to run wild with!

In this particular case, our customer needed somewhere to store her walker whilst traveling. We’ve strapped it into place using tie-down points from the side board, so she can easily get it in and out when needed. They also had a few extra requirements, including water and fuel storage.

This custom build featured:

    • 1 x 980mm long Drawer with hinged side bins
    • Storage box behind the drawer
    • Side board and drawer table in the center
    • Storage for walker, that is easy to access
    • Soft Luggage Rack at the top of the canopy for sleeping gear/soft articles
    • Boab water tank at the front of the tub (holds 40 litres of water)
    • 2 x Jerry can storage, for extra water and/or fuelWe’re really pleased with how this one turned out!Check out the demonstration video that we posted on our Facebook, and photo  below:

If you would like more information about our Half Unit options, or other storage systems for your Dual Cab, give us a call on 03 9708 6605 or send us an email:


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