Mid Units - Second Row Seat Storage

Mid Unit installed

The Mid Unit is a unique 4X4 Storage Solution that utilizes the available storage space where your second row of seats are normally located.
The Mid Unit greatly increases the usable storage space within your vehicle and has the added advantage of being lighter than the seats being removed, giving you more weight carrying capacity and better weight distribution. Mid Units are removable, allowing rear seats to be refitted as needed.

The Mid Unit can come in a variety of different options, such as:

  • 1/3 or 1/2 Mid Unit: which covers 1/3 or 1/2 of the second row of seats, leaving the remaining seats in the vehicle for other passengers (depending on how your seats are designed)
  • 2/3 Mid Unit: which covers 2/3 of the second row of seats (for vehicles such as the 120 Prado, 150 Prado, 200 Series, etc) and leaves 1/3 in place to seat one passenger
  • Full Mid Unit: which covers the full width of the second row of seats
  • Full Mid Unit with a Cargo Barrier fitted behind your 1st row seats, for added safety when packing & stacking
  • Full Mid Unit with Custom-fitted Shelving for the ultimate use of the storage space. We can also do a Custom-fitted Soft Luggage Rack as well. Note: This option requires our False Floor and Cargo Barrier to be fitted into the rear of the vehicle, and a 2nd Cargo Barrier behind the 1st row (our brand).

The custom-fitted Shelves are adjustable, and don’t have to span across the entire width of the vehicle – you can just have a 1/2 Shelf if you like, giving you the ability to mount a second Fridge to the floor of the Mid Unit on one side if needed.

Interstate shipping/DIY Installation may be an option for some vehicles! Please enquire via our contact us page.

Our Mid Units can also be Fitted and Installed by the Fourby Fitouts team in our factory in Hallam, Victoria. Note: All custom work can only be done when we have the vehicle in our factory over a few days.

As with all of our Systems – The Mid Unit is Aussie Made, Modular, Removable, does not require any drilling of the vehicle, and comes with a 3 Year Warranty!

Mid Unit – Gallery

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