Custom Raised Floor (4WD Wagon)

For those of you who are particularly weight conscious, but are searching for a storage solution that will still allow you to double layer items, without installing drawers…. Look no further!

This system starts with a marine carpeted False Floor which bolts down into the floor of your vehicle, utilizing pre-existing bolt holes where possible. This False Floor gives us flat floor space to work with and allows us to then securely mount anything on top without having to drill the vehicle.

From here, we custom design and build a steel framework at any height you wish, within the constraints of the specific vehicle (i.e. shape of wheel arches, jack access, power outlet locations, etc.). Normally we set the height to around 300mm (as shown in photos below) to allow enough room on top for a 40/50 Ltr Fridge if needed.

This steel framework bolts down on to the False Floor. A second carpeted False Floor then goes on top, creating a second section of storage. This second False Floor is bolted into the steel frame and is cut into two halves, making it easy to remove as needed.

Tie-down points can be installed into either one of the False Floors to secure items down for off-road travel. A Heavy Duty Fridge Slide and/or Cargo Barrier can be added to this system too.

As with all of our systems – this Storage Solution is Aussie Made, Modular, Removable, and comes with a 3 Year Warranty

This system is custom built to the particular vehicle and your requirements, we need the vehicle in our factory for approx. 2 – 3 days to complete the Install (Located in Hallam Victoria)

Give us a ring on (03) 9708 6605 to enquire

To find out if the Custom Raised Floor can be built your vehicle, give us a ring on (03) 9708 6605 or email

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