Drop Down Door Table
Drop Down Door Table
Third Row of Seats Removed
False Floor Installed
Cargo Barrier Installed
Soft Luggage Rack Gate Opened
Soft Luggage Rack Gate Closed
Pocket Added
Lockable Drawer & Side Bin with Hinged Lids
Water Tank ½ Shelf & Fridge Slide Fitted
Fridge Fitted
Second ½ Shelf This is our most popular set up for Touring & Family travelling
Double Stacked by just adding Second Drawer
Drawer Table

Fourby Fitouts’ 100% Aussie Made, Modular and Removable Storage Systems are uniquely designed so that you can convert your standard vehicle quickly and easily by installing only the components that are needed, with the ability to remove them again once you’ve returned home!

Depending on the type of Vehicle you have – we do not drill holes into your vehicle; we use all existing bolting points to install our Systems which means you can be rest assured that your vehicle remains as standard, without damage.

We also have Australia Wide Interstate Shipping/DIY Installation Kit options for those who are not local to us here in Victoria!

Available Products and Storage System Features –

Soft Luggage Rack

A drop down gate which enables you to utilize the roof cavity for storage of soft light articles, still allowing you to use your center rear vision mirror.

Cargo Barriers

Cargo Barriers

Quality, rated Autosafe Cargo Barriers that enables you to maximize your storage area, safely and securely.

Lockable Roller Drawers

Lockable Drawers

Large, heavy duty, fully lockable 4×4 storage roller drawers. All steel construction, featuring 20 roller bearings per drawer – they are built to last! Drawer divider is optional.

Side Bins

Utilizes the storage area between the wheel arch and the drawer. With hinged lids, it gives a larger flat storage space on top of the drawer.

Fridge Slides

Heavy duty, rattle-free, single handed motion Fridge Slide – giving you quick and easy access to your Fridge. Tie-down straps are optional.

Side Pocket

Enables you to store items between the Fridge and the wheel arch, without items falling behind the Fridge when in the open position

Water Tank Kits

Food Grade 20 Ltr Water Tank kit, remote fill/gravity fed – giving you easy access to water at all times.

Drawer Table

Nylon food grade cutting board that sits on top of the Drawer when in the open position. Great for food prep and tea/coffee stop overs! Stores away neatly in the upright position in between the Fridge Slide and the Drawer when not in use.

Drop Down Doortable

Food Grade Door Table that attaches to the right-hand side rear door, with matching left hand side panel. Only available for Nissan Patrol GU.

Fridge Tie-Down Straps

Heavy duty “Just Straps” Fridge tie-down straps. Available for purchase separately, in a set of four.

Full Shelf in 2 Halves

A Shelf that runs the full width of the vehicle and is in two halves. This means, you have the flexibility to remove either side of the Shelf as you wish, to accommodate larger items such as generators, suitcases, etc as needed.

Drawer Divider

Can be added to any of our Drawers, wherever you like, to help you organize and seperate your items.

Some of these Products can be purchased seperately, and others can only be purchased within one of our Standard Configuration setups.
Go to Configurations Available to find out more, or enquire below…

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