About Fourby Fitouts

Fourby Fitouts is a family owned business that specializes in making the highest quality 4X4 Storage Systems and Vehicle Fitout Solutions.

We have a passion for traveling, discovery and enjoying the outdoors, this passion is extended to anyone else who enjoys the same.  We want everyone to get the enjoyment out of the freedom and independence it brings.

Being a small and personable company, we can help fellow travelers to take the “chore” out of their adventures by creating a practical and quality product that is not over complicated, and maximizes the available storage space so you can organize your packing, and ultimately fit more in!

Our 4WD Storage Solutions allow you to pack your items in a practical and easy accessible way. We manufacture a high quality, locally made product ensuring that every effort is taken to provide the best solution for you.

Here’s a short video on how and what we do…

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Meet the Team!

Meet Jacqui and Mark. If you call up our office or send us an email, you will get us on the other end! We’re always up for a chat, and ready to help with any of your queries 🙂
And this is Daniel. He’s been working with us for over 10 years now! He’s our ‘behind the scenes’ guy. He teams up with Mark to handle all of our production and installs, and knows every nut and bolt of our systems!

Have some questions for us?

Give us a ring on (03) 9708 6605

We look forward to hearing from you!