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With our unique, modular and removable 4×4 storage systems you can convert your everyday 4WD into a well-equipped off roader in less than 1 hour.

With many features, including soft luggage racks, lockable roller drawers, cargo barriers and heavy duty fridge slides – we can help create a vehicle fit out customised to suit all of your outback touring, commercial and serious 4×4 off road use.

All our storage systems are modular, which enables you to add or remove accessories when your needs change, or remove the system entirely – taking your vehicle back to its original state. 

Fourby Fitouts is Modular

Fourby Fitouts is Modular

Only install the components you need
Components can be used independently
All stored equipment is easily accessed
Compact and efficient use of space
Fourby Fitouts is Removable

Fourby Fitouts is Removable

Quick and easy to install and remove
No special tools required
One person installation
No drilling of vehicle necessary
Vehicle stays as standard
Fourby Fitouts inlcudes Safety

Fourby Fitouts Includes Safety

Equipment is retained securely
Valuables can be locked securely
Keep rear window vision when loaded
No sharp edges
Fourby Fitouts is Quality

Fourby Fitouts is Superior Quality

Drawers are all steel construction
Large fully sealed roller bearings used
Marine carpet used in high wear areas
No rattles or squeaks